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The Origins of the World's Mythologies

by Michael Witzel

Oxford University Press, NY, released December 18, 2012 Publisher's announcement, cover, Amazon.

This book discusses the African origin and the subsequent spread of early mythology: first, eastwards along the shores of the Indian Ocean (Gondwana), and then northwards to the rest of Eurasia and the Americas (Laurasia).

These two major types of mythology are established by employing the new approach of a comparative and historical method. Their salient features are discussed --such as the "Laurasian story line" from the origin of the world to its end. Overlaps with archaeology, genetics and linguistics are discussed at length.

The investigation ends with a brief history of mythology, from the late Palaeolithic to the emergence of state societies, and its persisting, even increasing importance for most of the world's people today.

The method used in this book is innovative as it combines traditional comparative approaches with a historical component. This allows for the reconstruction of successive stages of myth development, from the earliest written (and oral) records back to the ancestral tales of the "African Eve".

ORIGINS A detailed summary of: The Origins of the World's Mythologies
(OUP, NY, Dec. 2012/Jan.4, 2013)


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